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The NERA s.r.o.has got more than forty-years-experience in development and structural designing of special textile machines, which have found application also in other industries as cutting into pieces, cutting of margins and drawing-in of glass vlies, mats and fabrics. Special machines have proven well also in paper-making industry.

Cutting and winding machines, based on drawing documentation and know-how of the NERA s.r.o. have been used successfully by the manufacturers of vlies combined with the Spudbond materials. Similarly the single-purpose cutting machines for felt longitudinal cutting, designed for the manufacturers of felt, painting rollers and squeegees. Because of their high reliability they became popular not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Germany and Turkey. Considerable achievements have been reached on the field of laminating of textile and other technological material to be used in car-making, furniture, shoe and synthetic material industry as well as in manufacture of non-woven textile materials. Laminating textile for car seat upholstery are produced in the LL-100 continually laminating line for the AUTO ŠKODA in the Czech Republic and they comply with the ISO standards.

On the field of AGRAR vlies a continuous binding line was developed successfully for the purposes of agriculture, which binds the materials of 15 g/m2 and more within a width and length required. The special cutting machines for cutting into pieces, cutting off and automatic drawing-in of glass vlies and fabrics have proven very well, as they are equipped with the tools, which almost do not need any edge-sharpening.

Out products


SSVI winding and cutting machine

SSVI winding and cutting machine

Winding and cutting machines of the series SS VI are designed for longitudinal cutting and winding of text materials and paper. Machine structure includes a bridge crane with loading capacity of 500 kg, which facilitates insertion of input and paper materials (rolls) and removal of processed products from the machine.

A structure is very heavy and rigid, and it provides very smooth operation (winding and cutting) at high speed up to 250 m/min. The materials can be processed up to the width of 3.200 mm (optionally even 4.200 mm). All functions needed for winding and cutting can be pre-programmed.

Working width (input material)

Materials to be processed
Input materials

- roll unwound
- roll cut

Machine seed
Width of cut bands
Continuous control of tension over the whole wigth, digital readout
Transverse cutting
Roll conicity at dia 800 mm
A bridge crane with the maximum capacity of 500 kg is a part of machine structure

- length
- width
- height

standard width 3200 mm
(optionally up to 4200 mm
POP Vlies (PES, PAD), Spunbond, Paper

max. 800 mm
max. 800 mm

max. 250 m/min.

max. +/- 3 mm

3730 mm
4600 mm
1100 mm


The SSVII cutting machine is used for longitudinal cutting of vlies into strips. Optionally the machine can be equipped with automatic vlies feeding unit, or it can be supplied withaut it. An advantage of work with the SSVII is that the cutting disks cut onlythe vlies weave and do not cut further libres in vlies.

Working width - 1500 m in standard design, or adjusted to customer's requirements
The minimum width of strip is 35 mm. The cut stripes are divided by 5 mm
The maximum number of cutting knives on a single shaft (at working width of 1500 mm) is 40
Cutting speed is continually adjusted the range from 0 up to 12m/min.
Carriage drawing-in is adjustable up to 240 mm
The machine is driven by 3 electric motor, having an output of 2.85 kW
The maximum input is about 3 kW. Weight of about 500 kg.

Legend of images:

1. SSVII cutting machine
2. Cutting knives
3. Needled feeding roller
4. Pressure roller
5. Electronic scanning unit
6. Drawing-in carriage
7. Drawing-in drive unit
8. Tensioning and spreading rollers
9. Brake
10. Unwound vlies

SSIX winding and cutting machine


Winding and cutting machines SSX series serve for cutting and winding of textile materials (fabrics) and paper. The textile and paper input material move to and from the machine by means of a bridge crane which moves along the machine on a crane railing. The crane rails are part of the machine.

A robust design of the machine secures a smooth winding and cutting at high speed (up to 250 m/min.) with the windth of imput material up to 4200 mm (165 inch). All functions necessary for high-quality winding and cutting are programmable in advance.

Technical characteristics:

  • Working width (input material): max. 4.200 mm
  • Material polypropylene bat (polyester, polyamid):
    • Spundbond 15 - 150 g/m3
    • Paper 40 - 150 g/m3
  • Input material:
    • roll unwound max. 800 mm (31,5 inch)
    • roll cut max. 800 mm (31,5 inch)
  • Tubes clamped pneumatically min. inner diameter 76 mm (3 inch).
  • On customer's request it is possible to supplz winding rod for tubes with inner diameter of 40 mm and lager (classical clamping).
  • Machine speed: max. 250 m/min.
  • Min. width of cut strips is 50 mm (2 inch)
  • Nubers of knives (Tidland scisors): standard 28, also customer's request
  • Continuous control of tension over the whole width, digital readout
  • Transvere cutting is pneumatic
  • Length meansurements is electronic
  • Roll conicitz at ř800 mm (31,5 inch) max. +/- 3 mm
  • Part of the machine is a bridge crane with loading capacity max. 500 kg
  • Total power cca 20 kW
  • Dimensions os SSX with working width 4.200 mm, length 8.000 mm (315 inch), width 5.500 mm (217 inch), height 2.600 mm (103 inch)


The machine is designed for binding of agrotexiles (spundbond, Vlies 100% polypropylene) by gluing. It binds two, three, four or even five rolls of vlies, up to the diameter of 1.000 mm, at the standard widths up to 3.200 mm (optionally vlies roll width of 4.200 mm). A bridge crane with a loading capacity of 500 kg is a part of the machine structure - it facilitates insertino of input material into the machine and removal of them after processing.

Technical characteristics:

Maximum binding speed up to 30 m/min.
Total power demand 28 kW
Machine control 24 V st a 24 V ss
Bridge crane - loading capacity 500 kg
NORDSON application unit 1 piece
Gluing heads (binding positions) 1 až 4 pcs
Pressured-air 0,6 Mp
Air consumption at 0,6 MPa 10 cubic metres/hour
Dimension of the standard type for binding of 5 rolls width 3600 mm x height 3180 mm x length 13 000 mm



The laminating set is designed for single-side textile binding, using polyurethane foam, or single binding of two textile pieces, so called sendwich binding. The laminated products made by this set comply width the ISO standards.

The entire laminating set consists of nine units:

  • Face textile storage
  • Weft leveller (filling leveller)
  • Needled segment
  • Lap generator
  • Storage bin for polyurethane foam
  • Back machine (laminating machine)
  • Rotary bin for polyurethane foam
  • Storage bin for finished (laminated) products
  • Main control panel and switchboard
  • Drawing carriage for input textiles and PU foam-3 pcs pcs.

Operating width 2,000 mm
Gradually adjustable speed of the set 0-30 m/min.
Cutting device for both margins
Number of electric motors 28
Total power consumption 30.3.kVA
Melting - 2 gas burners Propane
Gas consumption/1burner 3kg/hour
Heat output in total 77.2 kW
Set dimensions max. length 20200 mm x width max. 3400 mm x height max. 4300 mm

Laminating set schema:

1 - Face textile storage
2 - Weft leveller (filling leveller)
3 - Needled segment
4 - Back machine (laminating machine)
5 - Storage bin for polyurethane foam
6 - Rotary bin for polyurethane foam
7 - Storage bin for finished (laminated) products
8 - Lap generator
9 - Drawing-in carriage for input textiles and PU foam - 3 pcs.
10 - Main control panel and switchboard

TV – 100 former of large-capacity lap
Compensation automatic storage I
Compensation automatic storage II
Compensation automatic storage III
NV – 100 large-capacity lap drawing-in carriage
KS – 100 backing and laminating machine
Rotary storage of polyurethane foam
KN – 100/0 double-disk shears - left-sided
KN– 200/0 double-disk shears - right-sided
Cutting-off and cutting machine for processing of glass vlies and automatic drawing-in unit
Polyurethane foam roll shaping calender
VSII cutting off machine
PS – 100 perforating machine
Plash cylinder operating catch
Polyurethane foam roll punching machine
Paper stock feeding machine
AZP-I paper stock automatic storage and batching devices (pulp processing)
Separators of textile noils, shearings and dust


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