Binding machine LS-100

The machine is designed for binding of agrotexiles (spundbond, Vlies 100% polypropylene) by gluing. It binds two, three, four or even five rolls of vlies, up to the diameter of 1.000 mm, at the standard widths up to 3.200 mm (optionally vlies roll width of 4.200 mm). A bridge crane with a loading capacity of 500 kg is a part of the machine structure - it facilitates insertino of input material into the machine and removal of them after processing.

Technical characteristics:

Maximum binding speed up to 30 m/min.
Total power demand 28 kW
Machine control 24 V st a 24 V ss
Bridge crane - loading capacity 500 kg
NORDSON application unit 1 piece
Gluing heads (binding positions) 1 až 4 pcs
Pressured-air 0,6 Mp
Air consumption at 0,6 MPa 10 cubic metres/hour
Dimension of the standard type for binding of 5 rolls width 3600 mm x height 3180 mm x length 13 000 mm