Machinery devices

Profile of the Company

The NERA s.r.o.has got more than forty-years-experience in development and structural designing of special textile machines, which have found application also in other industries as cutting into pieces, cutting of margins and drawing-in of glass vlies, mats and fabrics. Special machines have proven well also in paper-making industry.

Cutting and winding machines, based on drawing documentation and know-how of the NERA s.r.o. have been used successfully by the manufacturers of vlies combined with the Spudbond materials. Similarly the single-purpose cutting machines for felt longitudinal cutting, designed for the manufacturers of felt, painting rollers and squeegees. Because of their high reliability they became popular not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Germany and Turkey. Considerable achievements have been reached on the field of laminating of textile and other technological material to be used in car-making, furniture, shoe and synthetic material industry as well as in manufacture of non-woven textile materials. Laminating textile for car seat upholstery are produced in the LL-100 continually laminating line for the AUTO ŠKODA in the Czech Republic and they comply with the ISO standards.

On the field of AGRAR vlies a continuous binding line was developed successfully for the purposes of agriculture, which binds the materials of 15 g/m2 and more within a width and length required. The special cutting machines for cutting into pieces, cutting off and automatic drawing-in of glass vlies and fabrics have proven very well, as they are equipped with the tools, which almost do not need any edge-sharpening.


  • SSVI winding and cutting machine
  • SSIX winding and cutting machine
  • TV – 100 former of large-capacity lap
  • Compensation automatic storage I
  • Compensation automatic storage II
  • Compensation automatic storage III
  • NV – 100 large-capacity lap drawing-in carriage
  • KS – 100 backing and laminating machine
  • Rotary storage of polyurethane foam
  • KN – 100/0 double-disk shears - left-sided
  • KN– 200/0 double-disk shears - right-sided
  • Cutting-off and cutting machine for processing of glass vlies and automatic drawing-in unit
  • Polyurethane foam roll shaping calender
  • VSII cutting off machine
  • PS – 100 perforating machine
  • Plash cylinder operating catch
  • Polyurethane foam roll punching machine
  • Paper stock feeding machine
  • AZP-I paper stock automatic storage and batching devices (pulp processing)
  • Separators of textile noils, shearings and dust