SSVI winding and cutting machine

Winding and cutting machines of the series SS VI are designed for longitudinal cutting and winding of text materials and paper. Machine structure includes a bridge crane with loading capacity of 500 kg, which facilitates insertion of input and paper materials (rolls) and removal of processed products from the machine.

A structure is very heavy and rigid, and it provides very smooth operation (winding and cutting) at high speed up to 250 m/min. The materials can be processed up to the width of 3.200 mm (optionally even 4.200 mm). All functions needed for winding and cutting can be pre-programmed.

Working width (input material)

Materials to be processed
Input materials

- roll unwound
- roll cut

Machine seed
Width of cut bands
Continuous control of tension over the whole wigth, digital readout
Transverse cutting
Roll conicity at dia 800 mm
A bridge crane with the maximum capacity of 500 kg is a part of machine structure

- length
- width
- height

  standard width 3200 mm
(optionally up to 4200 mm
POP Vlies (PES, PAD), Spunbond, Paper

max. 800 mm
max. 800 mm

max. 250 m/min.

max. +/- 3 mm

3730 mm
4600 mm
1100 mm