Winding and cutting machines SSX

Winding and cutting machines SSX series serve for cutting and winding of textile materials (fabrics) and paper. The textile and paper input material move to and from the machine by means of a bridge crane which moves along the machine on a crane railing. The crane rails are part of the machine.

A robust design of the machine secures a smooth winding and cutting at high speed (up to 250 m/min.) with the windth of imput material up to 4200 mm (165 inch). All functions necessary for high-quality winding and cutting are programmable in advance.

Technical characteristics:

  • Working width (input material): max. 4.200 mm
  • Material polypropylene bat (polyester, polyamid):
    • Spundbond 15 - 150 g/m3
    • Paper 40 - 150 g/m3
  • Input material:
    • roll unwound max. 800 mm (31,5 inch)
    • roll cut max. 800 mm (31,5 inch)
  • Tubes clamped pneumatically min. inner diameter 76 mm (3 inch).
  • On customer's request it is possible to supplz winding rod for tubes with inner diameter of 40 mm and lager (classical clamping).
  • Machine speed: max. 250 m/min.
  • Min. width of cut strips is 50 mm (2 inch)
  • Nubers of knives (Tidland scisors): standard 28, also customer's request
  • Continuous control of tension over the whole width, digital readout
  • Transvere cutting is pneumatic
  • Length meansurements is electronic
  • Roll conicitz at ř800 mm (31,5 inch) max. +/- 3 mm
  • Part of the machine is a bridge crane with loading capacity max. 500 kg
  • Total power cca 20 kW
  • Dimensions os SSX with working width 4.200 mm, length 8.000 mm (315 inch), width 5.500 mm (217 inch), height 2.600 mm (103 inch)