Vlies cutting machine

The SSVII cutting machine is used for longitudinal cutting of vlies into strips. Optionally the machine can be equipped with automatic vlies feeding unit, or it can be supplied withaut it. An advantage of work with the SSVII is that the cutting disks cut onlythe vlies weave and do not cut further libres in vlies.

Working width - 1500 m in standard design, or adjusted to customer's requirements
The minimum width of strip is 35 mm. The cut stripes are divided by 5 mm
The maximum number of cutting knives on a single shaft (at working width of 1500 mm) is 40
Cutting speed is continually adjusted the range from 0 up to 12m/min.
Carriage drawing-in is adjustable up to 240 mm
The machine is driven by 3 electric motor, having an output of 2.85 kW
The maximum input is about 3 kW. Weight of about 500 kg.

Legend of images:

1. SSVII cutting machine
2. Cutting knives
3. Needled feeding roller
4. Pressure roller
5. Electronic scanning unit
6. Drawing-in carriage
7. Drawing-in drive unit
8. Tensioning and spreading rollers
9. Brake
10. Unwound vlies